How To Build A Nine Square In The Air

Mosquito Creek / Gerber 2022

Patersons 2022
This weekend we hiked from the church down to the Paterson property. When we were there we learned good hiking skills such as bear bags, and water filtering. We played capture the flag. We also had a bonfire. On Sunday we walked back to the church. Overall a very fun weekend.

Webelo Camp Out
This weekend we had a lot of fun with the Webelos. We taught them how to tie knots. We also went on a 3 mile hike and played a lot of games. Though it was cold this weekend, everyone had a good time. We finished out the night with a good old fashioned fire bowl with a lot of funny skits. We really had a fun time this weekend.

Cave Exploring
Our Boy Scout Troop went on an early spring cave exploring adventure

Klondike Camp
Our Boy Scout Troop went on a winter Klondike Camp, camping isn't just reserved for the summer!

Swiss Valley Skiing
Our Boy Scout Troop went on a winter outing to Swiss Valley for some skiing.

Camp Covid 2020

We were the only troop in our district and one of a very small handful in Michigan to hold a summer camp in the summer of 2020.

The state Boy Scout camps were unable to open due to COVID. By the time summer camps were allowed to open it was too late in the season for the camps to realistically open. A local land owner with several wooded acres and access to a small lake graciously hosted us for us to hold our summer camp. This was a camp like no other.

We all wore masks and maintained 6' distancing during our activities. Everyone was screened for their temparature and hand washing was a constant.

The easy thing to do would be to not hold a summer camp. That's the choice most troops made. We chose to do hard things and n doing so had an extremely valuable camp experience for our scouts and our adult volunteers.'

Rock Climbing

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