How To Build A 9 Square In The Air

Required Materials

(Yes, they make 9 square balls, but you can pick up one that is just as good at 5 Below or some other discount store for cheaper.)

Recommended Materials


It is helpful to have a bag to store this for inclement weather or for winter. You can always buy a bag, but to save money you can make your own bag. I used old chicken feed bags, and had someone stitch them together to make a 3’x7’ bag. If you do choose to make your own bag it is important to use a heavier material like canvas, burlap, denim, or the feed bags like I used. You will also need to do slightly more intricate stitching, with a heavy duty thread. This will require a heavy duty sewing machine, or it is possible to sew it by hand but it will take a lot more work. I would recommend adding a handle to your bag but it isn’t necessary.

Material For The Bag

Process For The Bag